Pierrot Lapin .GAP. Peter Rabbit

Lakejane mon ancienne collègue chez Cloudraker et bloggeuse-vedette (secrètement je veux être comme elle) m’a fait découvrir la collection Pierrot Lapin de GAP.
C’est TOP mimi ça, non?

Lakejane featured the GAP‘s Peter rabbit collection. Lakejane is my ex colleague from Cloudraker and a blogger extraordinaire. Although I secretely wanna be like lakejane, I do have my own opinion and think those clothes are TOP cute.

Marie habite à Montréal, est co-fondatrice de www.enamour.co et une maman sérieuse, la plupart du temps. Ok non pas la plupart du temps pantoute.


  • Reply January 26, 2013

    H. Stern

    These are adorable! Do you have the link to buy the clothes? Especially that navy blue peacoat…

    • Reply January 26, 2013


      I know, aren’t they! Yeah of course – a link is a good idea, this is the information super-highway after all (!)
      Updated the post but here it is. unfortunately they don’t seem to have the peacoat anymore…

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